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Pastor John and Loe'Rae Young

Pastor John A. Young is the Founder of the Empowered Believers Christian Learning Center in Hampton, VA.


Born and raised in the suburbs of Houston, Texas, he was educated in the public schools of Galveston County. Pastor Young is a veteran of the United States Air Force, where he proudly served his country for more than 10 years. During his distinguished military career, he was involved in Operation Desert Storm and later achieved the honor of becoming the nation’s top Air Force Recruiter.


Pastor Young was ordained in May of 1995 and founded Empowered Believers approximately 10 years later. Since then, God has given him an international ministry that has taken him all over America and several foreign countries.


Pastor Young matriculated through Austin Community College, The Community College of the Air Force and The University of Maryland. His prayer is that the people not see the man, but that they would see the Messiah.

First Lady Loe'Rae was born in Norfolk, VA and is the daughter of Prophetess Danita Smith. She was educated in the Norfolk Public School system where she obtained her business-oriented mindset. As such, First Lady Young is a successful business owner and holds a prestigious position in corporate America.  She spearheads the social media and women's ministry at Empowered Believers. Her innovative and compassionate approach has served as a catalyst to the birth of several ministries that empower women to love God and themselves without limits. 


From The Pastor's Heart 

With every fiber of our being, we desire to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ in order to provide an atmosphere free of condemnation and strife, where God's people can be delivered and restored. We believe that the power of God flourishes in an atmosphere filled with

unconditional love. Our heart cries out for the rejected, the abused, and the brokenhearted. For those who may feel a desire to make a

difference in this world yet some how don't feel equipped. Or for those of you who may feel that your past has somehow disqualified you from

being viewed as a pure and holy vessel fit for the Master's use. Here at Empowered Believers Christian Learning Center, Inc. we have learned from experience that God doesn't call those that are qualified....But rather God qualifies those that He calls.


With Agape,



Pastor John Young

"They have received many prestigious credentials, as well as an innumerable amount of awards and recognition, but they would much rather tell you about what Jesus accomplished on Calvary."

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